Saturday, July 23, 2011


So today a friend of mine came in town for a quick visit and we decided to hit up target for a little shopping! I will be returning to work in two weeks and wanted to grab a few dresses that I can wear while trying to shed the rest of my "baby weight". It was REALLY hard to stay focused and ONLY buy dresses, especially since the whole store was on sale, or so it seemed. But here are the items I chose to try on and what I thought about them....

The true color of this dress is not showing in the picture, but it was a beautiful orange color, great fit and style! The only thing is that it is a little short for the office. So I regretfully left it at the store : ( If I was not trying to shop specifically for work, it would have been a definite buy!

This basic black dress can be reinvented over and over with great accessories. To make it work appropriate I would definitely have to add a cami to cover the plunging neckline. However, I decided at the last minute not to buy it, but now that I'm reviewing the pictures, I may go back and see if they still have my size tomorrow.

NOT a winner. Although I really like the colors on this dress, it was WAY to casual, it looked more like a swimsuit cover up than a dress to wear out. So I left it at the store as well, with no regret.

FAVE! I LOVE this dress. The fit was great, the pattern and colors are beautiful, I knew immediately that this beauty was coming home with me! I plan to purchase a 3/4 sleeve black blazer to dress it up a bit and very simple t-strap style flat sandal to make it more work appropriate.

FAVE #2. IDK what it is, but I have been so drawn to neutral stripes lately. So naturally I was attracted to this dress. I also liked that it was fitted at the top and flowed away from my body just before reaching my "trouble zone". I plan to accessorize this dress with the same blazer and sandals that I will be purchasing for my other FAVE dress. So what do you guys think? Been to Target lately? What kind of great deals have you found?


  1. I like more how the last dress looks on you. Hope you buy that one. :-)


  2. Yes, I bought the last two...and I also found a blazer and new cropped denium jacket to layer. Love them both!