Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Curly hair swagg

Here is a look I rocked a few weeks ago. I was feeling funky and tried some different accessories and hair scarf. What do you think??

OOTD: 08.22.12

One of my favorite styles to rock during the hot humid summer months is the maxi dress. Its my quick, easy go to. Get one in a great bright print and you don't even need accessories to look complete. Shopping tip: purchase jersey knit. The stretchy fabric will fit even if you gain or lose a few pounds, and the color will last for lever. Plus, you don't have to iron it!

Lets go shopping: marshalls

So today I went to Marshall's on my lunch break to squeeze in some shopping. Lately I have been feeling that my wardrobe needs a face-lift. I want my work wardrobe to be slightly more mature and professional. I want my weekend wardrobe to..well...exist. I have been purging so much that I feel there isn't much left. So to the stores I shall's the stuff I tried. Had to hold it at the counter so I could get back to work on time. Now I need to narrow down which items I will purchase and go get my stuff before they close! Let me know which items you like!

DIY : distressef high waist shorts

Step 1: hit up "mom jean heaven" aka "goodwill"
Step 2: cut jeans to desired length
Step 3: add slits where extra distressing is desired
Step 4: soak shorts in bucket of pure bleach til just before desired color
Step 5: wash, dry and rock em out!

I created my very own for $1! Sure beats the $60 and $70 online. Added bonus: you can design length and distressing to your liking!!