Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So I finally tried the new nail stickers that everyone has been talking about and here's what I thought....

-easy to apply
-do not have to wait to dry
-somewhat hard to gauge which sticker will fit which nail(gets easier with experience)
-couldn't get stickers completely smooth to nail(not really notice with the leopard print)
-starting to peel from the tips after 3 days(probably should have applied top coat like advised on label)
I actually really like the idea in theory. I do not like to rock acrylic nails anymore, my nails always split from the acrylic and junk gets under there-uck! and I'm too busy and impatient to get a manicure or polish myself. Plus they were only $5 dollars! This is a great compromise for me personally, neat, clean nails in minutes!

I am planning to try the Sally Hansen brand next to compare. I hear they are actual nail polish strips. So what do you think? Have any of you tried these? Any advice for smoothing the bumps or extending the life?


  1. Well I've tried the same but a different print 330 Fly with Me. I liked it stayed on for at least two week's. I would like to try the Lace pattern next time. Getting it on takes a lot of eye contact getting it on my nail. I put a clear nail coat to keep it on so that it wouldn't peel and it worked for me. At first I couldn't believe Sally Hansen was coming out with something soooo cool.

  2. Yes, next time I am going to take my time and buff my nails, wipe with polish remover to eliminate oil and add a top coat. This time I was so excited to try it I just rushed and did it the first chance I got. And with 2 children, it can be hard to find a free moment. But I know the payoff will be worth taking my time!

  3. Wow! This looks amazing! I really am thankful that you showed me this because I've been looking for something fun to jazz my nails up with and this definitely looks like it!!! Thanks so so so so much for sharing!